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Episode 17: Jesus is Just Alright with Me
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Publish-date-icon March 3, 2013
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Recently the Blue Ridge Liberty Project has come under fire for a policy that precludes religious people who's beliefs run counter to the non agression principle from being representatives of the organization. Join Chase and Mike as they discuss the policy, and ask the question "Is religion contradictory to the principles of voluntaryism and peaceful parenting?"

Here is the official statement from the BRLP:

What are the criteria for membership?

Everyone who believes in the universal principles of non-aggression (NAP) and self-ownership is eligible for membership in the Blue Ridge Liberty Project. However, one of the primary goals of our organization is to propagate the philosophy of Voluntaryism as far and wide as possible. Thus, ensuring the integrity of this message of peace and liberty is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we will not be accepting as members into the organization anyone whose beliefs run counter to the aforementioned principles. The purpose here is to prevent the philosophy from being conflated with mutually exclusive belief structures and ideas. To be clear, this provision may preclude many religious and secular persons alike. Some of these incompatible beliefs may include but are not limited to:

1. Acts of aggressive violence or the threat thereof are justified if ordained by God or any other being. This includes violence used against children in the form of corporal punishment
2. That God or any other being has the right to own other people
3. That violations of the NAP are ethically permissible in the pursuit of some “greater good”
4. Social contracts have the capacity to be just and binding
5. Land or any other scarce good is not “ownable” or must be owned collectively

To clarify, anyone whose religious or secular beliefs do not conflict with the core principles of Voluntaryism will be eligible for membership. Moreover, we will be working with other organizations and people in various events who do not hold in common all of our beliefs. For instance we may join up with members from the Veterans for Peace organization when holding an anti-war rally despite the fact that their beliefs may not be completely in line with the Voluntaryist philosophy.
Finally, as an outreach organization one of our primary goals will be to reach out to those who currently hold beliefs contrary to those of non-aggression and self-ownership.

Chase calls in Free Talk Live to discuss the issue with Stephanie Murphy and Stefan Molyneux, on the Sunday show 2/24/2013.

The Blue Ridge Liberty Project can be found here:

Opening Song:
"Jesus is Just Alright with me" by the Doobie Brothers

Closing Song:
"The Golden Age" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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